Anne Speer

I usually don’t even think about why I bike. It’s just a part of my life. I grew up in Germany where bicycling has always been a means of transportation that then became a sport. I didn’t even get a car until my twenties. In the U.S. it seems like biking has been mostly for recreation, but is becoming more a mode of transportation. It is great to see more kids ride their bikes around Concord these days. I think it is so valuable for their sense of independence.

I married an avid long-distance cyclist and enjoyed the physicality and sense of achievement that comes from a challenging road ride. Today, I mostly use my bike for errands, to go to yoga class and the library, and for food shopping. On a nice day I’ll pedal up to Whole Foods in Bedford.

What I like most about biking is the pace. I move through the landscape at a speed where I can look to the left and right and appreciate details – people, houses, store fronts, the natural world. Any time I can ride my bike with purpose I feel good about myself.

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