Stuart Johnstone

Updated: May 26, 2020

I see bicycling as a source of freedom. It's freedom from the sedentary life, freedom from another carbon footprint, freedom to say hello to others I pass along the way, freedom to choose how hard to pedal. When I was a child I remember that it was the joy of independence that fueled my banana-seat Columbia as I cruised our neighborhood and pedaled two miles to and from school each day. As an adult, I haven't been riding my bike to work, but instead have been riding it for work by writing New England bicycle guidebooks since 1990. I'm grateful for the freedom that my bike has provided on the miles of roads, bike paths, and mountain bike trails it has carried me and I hope to enjoy riding just as much during the next 30 years. A simple machine, the bicycle sets me free.

A better question is Why I don't bike more? The answer is much about traffic safety. I'm wary of riding on roads as traffic volume, speed, and driver distraction have increased through the years. I'd like more bike/pedestrian infrastructure to be built and roadways improved to enhance safety for bicyclists. Our town would be a better place in so many ways if all of us were inspired and enabled to use bicycles to get what we need, exercise included.

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