Wade Rubenstein

I bike for freedom, fellowship, fitness, family, and fun. I’ve been cycling since I was five years old. As a child, I remember the glee of cruising on my purple Ross single speed with a baseball card clattering between the spokes. As a teenager, my red Raleigh Grand Prix 10 speed supported me on my neighborhood paper route and connected me to my friends. The Raleigh was my primary form of transportation through high school.

When I moved to Concord in 1987, I rediscovered biking. I commuted to work on my silver Raleigh 12 speed. After work, I would head for the woods and explore Fairyland, Adams Woods, Estabrook Woods, Punkatesset, Great Brook Farm…the trails are verdant and endless.

Thirty three years later, I’m still riding in Concord every chance I get. You will find me leisurely running errands around town, bounding through the Wright Woods along the Sudbury River, taking a leisurely cruise on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, or pushing hard on an early morning road ride with the Monsters in the Basement cycling club. The possibilities are dizzying.

To spread the goodness of biking, I’ve helped create The Bike Connector, a non-profit bicycle program in Lowell. The Bike Connector connects economically disadvantaged youth to safe, affordable bicycles.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the traffic is light and the weather is improving. I am sharing my favorite roads and trails with my children. Riding with my grown children gives me great joy and reminds me of how far I’ve come on my cycling journey.

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