On May 16th bicycle enthusiasts were going to gather for the second annual Concord Bike Fest. This community celebration of cycling is presented by Concord Bikes, a volunteer community group that promotes bicycling as a heathy and environmentally positive means of transportation and recreation. Bike Fest 2020 would feature a parade through Concord Center, a bike safety rodeo, local bike tours, a block party, and a late night ride.


While Bike Fest has been postponed, people are taking to two-wheels. More and more casual riders and families are getting exercise and fresh air while enjoying the reduced level of traffic. Concord Bikes wants to use this time to build a stronger bicycling community by weaving together the diverse stories of people who ride bikes in and around Concord.


We invite you to share your bike story using the theme, “Why I Bike.” There is no right answer – fun, errands, fitness, commuting, school, all of the above – any reason will do! To get you started, consider questions such as: 

  • ​How long have you biked?

  • How often do you get out?

  • What's your favorite kind of riding?

  • Do you have a favorite road, path or trail?

  • What’s the longest ride you’ve taken?

  • Any memorable weather events, accidents, dogs?

  • Any pet peeves about inconsiderate cyclists?

  • How can biking in traffic be made safer?

  • How we get more people to ride?


The stories will be short – around 100 to 250 words – and should include a photo of you with or without your bike. Families are encouraged to submit their stories as well as children with parent/guardian permission. Stories will be printed in the Concord Journal and on our website.

You can submit your story and photo to Richard Fahlander at concordbikefest@gmail.com.

Tell the town why YOU bike!